Friday, April 2, 2010

Five senses friday

I haven't been around a lot this week, a little sick and swamped at work.

The images of the documentaries I have been working on all day.

To them

Toasted baguette and butter slightly salted (demi-sel croquant: mmmmm....)

Honey lip balm (rêve de miel: tout un programme!)

The drizzle on my face
French word for drizzle is bruine, I love it, one of these words that holds its meaning by its own resonance.


janis said...

Lovely. Thank you for teaching me the word for drizzle, hopefully I will remember it and use it one fact, today we have bruine. I will catch some on my face today and at the same time hope that you feel better... xoxo

Bichos da Matos said...

You work on documentary? Me too, from time to time...
You're listening to good music, eating tasty baguettes and smelling rêve de miel (je l'adore, je le mets tout le temps en Hiver), I'm sure
you'll feel better soon:)
I wish I could send you some of my happy pills;)

Angela said...

I love the light on the cobblestones in your photo, and the French word for "drizzle."

Happy Five Senses Friday!

sarah said...

i couldn't find an email address on your page, so i decided just to leave a comment. i am participating in an art exchange in which one makes a piece of art then sends it off to another blogger. part of the exchange is asking other bloggers to particpate to continue the cycle! i would love if this works for you (sorry if you have already been asked, or if you have participated in the past). email me to let me know!

ps. i may not comment very often, but i do love your blog! you have an amazing talent with the camera.

Lisa Golightly said...

mmmm, toasted baguette sounds good right now! )and thanks for the comment on my blog)
so glad to find yours!

Mruczanki said...

magical shadow and light!

Anonymous said...

hope you're feeling completely better soon. honey lip balm is a favorite of mine too.

xo Alison

kenza said...

magnifique! et ton commentaire sur la bruine... précieux, bon week end!

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

Toasted baguette and butter slightly salted--wonderful!

alexandria said...

I love the shadows and light and especially the outline of the tree in this photograph!