Friday, April 23, 2010

Five senses Friday

The sun through the blinds

To Peter

Mozzarella with crushed pepper and olive oil

Not much... I hate allergies!

My hair on my neck. I had them cut much shorter... it feels strange.


Marion said...

Je me rends compte que je n'avais jamais vu le clip de cette chanson!
Bon week-end!

Christine said...

Bon week-end, bises, C.

l i s e said...

très bon week end, full of feelings

Anonymous said...

your tasting sounds delicious.

enjoy your day!

xo Alison

kenza said...

joyeux week end! tu t'es coupé les cheveux? il faut absoluement que l'on se voit alors! je suis certaine que tu es encore plus très jolie...

gracia said...

Sun through the blinds sounds lovely and your 5 senses Friday made me feel nostalgic. I have not done for a while now. For years, I think. Perhaps next time Friday rolls around I will. Enjoy your new shorter haircut, and thanks for the beautiful photos in every post.