Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Just a quick note, to let you know that Colors of the week is back.
Marie* had, and still has, computer issues, but she managed to send me the first images and hopefully she will send some more my way tomorrow.
I love to compose our diptychs, to discover marie*'s photo and to see how it works with mine.
Here is my favorite of this new batch:


Tracy said...

The contrast is very nice on this set.

anna said...

I like this comeback :)

Christine said...

Du jaune qui réchauffe... Merci, le petit soleil de la journée.

l i s e said...

oui comme christine du jaune qui réchauffe dans cette journée grise, froide et mouillée.
Comme toi en bonne marseillaise que j'étais je rêvais de carrés verts, un rêve devenue réalité lucky me!
bonne fin de semaine

janis said...

Oh I love how that works! Such a interesting collaboration!!!