Saturday, January 7, 2012

A move

Thank you for all your wonderful comments on my last post!

Between Christmas and New Year's Eve, our offices have moved from a beautiful building in the 9th to high tech facilities in Boulogne.
It's most certainly a step forward for the company. It does nonetheless impact on my life. The commute is significantly longer and my photo lab is much further away now.
I will not stop taking photos, but might not be able to post as regularly as I used to.
Please bear with me while I adapt to this new life.

Hezekiah Jones (merci Blanche! à ce soir*)

PS: these are photos of the former offices taken during the move


tinajo said...

I hope you´ll settle in the new place! :-)

Elisabeth said...

It's sad to have to move but may it not be too disruptive to your creativity.

joana said...

your old office had beautiful windows :)
a transition period is usually difficult, but who knows... maybe with in the new place you'll see thing that insire you even more :)

ibb said...

I understand perfectly...changes at first are difficult, but then you take the rythm to the new place and photos will continue flying!

kenza said...

Boulogne... oui un peu loin pour toi. Mais il y aura plus de lumière non? Mille bises ma belle.

Pascale said...

Mais ils ont la bougeotte dans ta boite, non ???

(bon, je te "rassure" négatif + est à 800 km de chez moi!!! hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii).

Steph said...

Merci pour ces belles images de "ma" fenêtre !
Je suis heureuse de voir qu'il restait des orchidées, et une plante tombante sur l'étagère à masters...
J'espère que cette page n'est pas trop dure à tourner.

Anonymous said...

such beauty- i certainly hope you do not stop taking photos.
best with the transition.
lovely, lovely site.

kristina - no penny for them said...

hope you are adapting slowly in the next few weeks and months, isabelle - a long commute is a challenge indeed.