Friday, May 18, 2012

Jour férié

Yesterday was fun.

I baked cupcakes and made lasagnas.

We started by a tea with Audrey (photo above).
And then a lovely lady joined us with a bottle of Rosé Pamplemousse. We started the apéro at 5:30 pm and ended it after midnight.

If you want to see photos of the cupcakes, I am on Instagram @isabellebertolini.


jessica said...

I love this picture and the other ones really have the eye for photography and I really hope to meet you and see more of your work one day. :)

Your London pictures are so beautiful and they remind me of great moments I've experienced there!:)

Pierre BOYER said...

Le temps passe plus vite en compagnie de ses ami(e)s...


Anna V. said...

That's when you know you are in the best of company - when time flies past so quickly you can't even realise it. Lovely photo. :)

En. said...

Beautiful photo again!

kenza said...

cup cakes... Ça va ma belle?