Friday, November 25, 2011

November 25

Today, some people were off sick at work, emails wouldn't work, and school called me at 11:00 am to ask me to come and fetch Solal who did not feel well.
I had to deal with work emergencies from home, to go to the doctor.
I stayed strangely calm. I used to panic a lot, to stress out as soon as something went wrong. I think I don't anymore. Not just because of today, but in general. I am getting older. I might have learned a few things on my way.


Agnèslamexicaine said...

J adore vieillir, oui, c est plus calme, on est bien... lovely light.

Alma said...

Il va mieux ?

Je m'en doutais un peu, mais j'apprends aussi à mettre cela en pratique. En effet, plus on reste calme mieux les choses se passent.

Luana said...

ÇA VA?????????????

Moi je veux bien que le moment où je stresse plus trop arrive... en ce moment je pète les plombs!!!

Love the pic BTW... :o)

Doroula said...

I hope your little love is feeling better now. Wonderful photos!

Anonymous said...

Une des raisons pour laquelle je n'ai jamais eu envie de revenir en arrière...
Okayyyy on en reparle dans 20 ans... ;-)

Marie C.