Sunday, December 18, 2011

From my window

I can't get tired of the view I have from my living room window.

I have finished two rolls yesterday: yay! More to come really soon :)

We have found a few more additional surprise presents yesterday. I packed everything: phew! I think we might have to bring two big suitcases just for the weekend!
Can't wait to spend Christmas with my family, I have not seen them since August.

What are you planning for the holidays?


Anna Vee said...

Your plans seem perfect, and with this photo it sounds almost like a fairytale! Unfortunately we don't have much of a Christmas this year. My hubby is back to work on 25th, so we'll just visit both our families on 24th (and hopefully have two Christmas suppers...) I'm just glad our families live in the same town, so we don't have to waste time travelling around.

I can't wait to see what's in those rolls! I recently bought two old film cameras on an online auction. Still waiting to get a battery adapter for the older one, but the newer camera is spinning it's first roll... I sure hope it works!

HomeCollection. said...

Aaaah cette vue ! Je rêve de pouvoir regarder le ciel sans avoir à me pencher, toute tordue, par ma fenêtre..!
Une dernière semaine de travail, et quelques jours dans le sud pour un Noël en famille.

Mirka said...

Wow, the view of your window is breathtaking! Living in the 1st floor of a block of flats doesn't allow me to have such a beautifl view (or a view as such).

I will spend the first day of Christmas with my mom and her husband, the second with my boyfriend and the third with my grandparents. This year it seems I'm looking forward to it even more :) Have yourself a merry Xmas! xx

mru-K ♥ said...

beautiful sky and view! (:

Alma said...

Noël en famille ici et jour de l'an en belle-famille à Milan !

Madame Alfred said...

Une fenêtre comme une inspiration , une évasion .
Noël à la cool, toute la famille réunie ici , et Nouvel An idem mais avec les amis : au fin fond de la campagne , avec des fenêtres-évasion .

galatea. said...

how pretty, wish i could wake up to this sight- too x

enjoy the holidays with your fam! well deserved xx