Saturday, September 15, 2012

Contact Sheet

This blog is my contact sheet.
I show pretty much every thing I shoot on film. I don’t screen really except for the very bad photos. So what you see is far from being all good, but I kind of like this transparency. It is an honest diary of me trying to become a better photographer.

There is a call for entries at words  to shoot by. The theme is water. Join us!!!!


Anna said...

I think every shot you create is lovely and real. And this is what makes me come back here again and again!

kristina - no penny for them said...

you take such wonderful photos, isabelle. but i know exactly what you mean - i feel the same about my blog, i very often post photos that are flawed in many ways, but they help me to see clearer and to find my way. i love to think we can see each others' paths travelled!

Anne said...

that's exactly what I love so much about your blog! the honesty and purity. x