Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cozy and quiet


It is cold outside, we stayed in all day.
Sunset through our windows was dreamy.
I wonder what I am going to cook for dinner.... What about you?


trinsch said...

mmm, looks dreamy. all of it. dinner cooked already. alone with the boys and made them schnitzel and pasta. sure success :)

NW. said...

these pictures feel good, really
is that the view from your place? .. incredible

janis said...

these photos have such a warmth to them. just amazing.

and i am curious as well, is that really your view? lucky lady!


Elisabelle said...

Trinsh> Schnitzel is the favorite meal of Solal when we are in Israel! I made up my mind: I am cooking hot onion soup:)

NW & Janis> Thank you! Yes this is the view from our place:)

Dalva said...

what a beautiful lens! your 50mm is magic! and your eye too!

Xtof said...

On dira ce qu'on voudra, c'est pas l'appareil qui fait le photographe.
On te donnerait une boîte à chaussures, percée d'un trou, que tu nous shooterais toujours d'aussi beaux clichés de la mort, de ta race, de qu'ça déchire, vas-y m'dame !


Megara said...

bonjour! i found your blog through teddy loves lu, and i think it's lovely. your pictures are gorgeous! and of course, i am absolutely jealous of your life in paris :)
xo meg

Ulrika said...

But your photos are warm even if if's cold outside. There is such a wonderful light in these.
Absolutely love the fist photo, the colors, the blur, the light, just mmmm.

jokemijn said...

such lovely pictures. I was going to make brussels sprouts, a true belgian winter meal.

Marion said...

la dernière photo est super belle.
Quelle vue !!! j'adore !

Anna said...

i love the colors in these. i've been having a cozy quiet weekend as well. it's so nice.

mart and lu said...

i love the warm colors of your photos! they almost have a hint of pink in them.

selly said...

i like these :)

Maria said...

hmm I tried to write a comment before but appearently it didnt work! Anyway I wrote that these pictures are amazing, so so beautiful!! and I want your camera;)

la lune dans le ciel said...

ce soir petites ailes de poulet grillées, carottes rapées au citron, pain et fromage !;) moi je voudrais savoir ce qu'est ce merveilleux dessert sur la photo !
bise et bon app !

Elisabelle said...

Thank you all!!!!

La lune dans le ciel> c'est juste un fromage blanc cassonade et un palet breton avec de la purée de marron (bio;))