Thursday, August 20, 2009

Shalom Arshav


Marie* said...

Le bonheur de la mer, au petit matin... J'aime beaucoup la lumière de cette image, calme et posée. *

Peggy said...

Une scène cinématographique.

Ton regard vers le large, tu montres le chemin à ton petit.
Pardonne moi Isabelle ma Psychologie de comptoir.
Les vagues régulières
Les pieds dans l'zau
D'autres enfoncés dans le sable
Je vais encore trop loin

et lille oejeblik - a little moment said...

had to check out your blog when you wrote you're in tlv right now. i lived there for 6 years until we moved to a moshav up this winter. but i still love that city.

i'm in denmark right now, and i am - as always - a little sad to be leaving family and friends behind, which i will next week. but seeing your photos helped me :) it reminded me what i love about tlv and israel. they are beautiful!

oh, and yes, tlv in august is crowded. we used to live in a small street just next to gordon beach, and in august i felt like i was in another country, we'd hear more french and english in the streets than hebrew :)

btw: the other blog of yours... is that a photo from paris compared with a photo from tlv? my french is pretty sad (non-existing) and i didn't really understand, just thought it was very pretty.

...and now i'll end the longest comment in blog history.

Maggie May said...

shabbot shalom

did i spell that correctly? :)

ronan said...

ça c'est de l'art de vivre ...