Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Little Lights

I shot these when the light meter of the Pentax wasn't working. I am not too unhappy with how they turned out. The Zenit is great practice to work on the aperture and speed without any help from the camera.

Are you on Instagram? I realize there are a lot of photos I don't shoot on film anymore, because I shoot them with my iphone, especially all the food shots. Are your IG photos different or do you shoot twice the same image to compare?

On a different matter, my very dear Marion is frustrated when there is no title for my posts. Because I hate pleonasms in words and images, you might now find some odd ones, completely unrelated to the the photos or the text. Will that work for you?


Anita said...

I think these look rather lovely....the last especially.

Marion said...

Ah ah it will work for me !

Unknown said...

Love your light walks...need to get lost.
I don´t use much my phone camera...I supose because is not good, so for the moment no instagram...but I know what you mean.

Connie | Daydream In Color said...

These are sll so lovely! My bf and I have been having the same problems too with light meters not working. We weren't sure if it was the photo lab too. We're still investigating! I love using my iphone too. It's hard to balance the film with the digital!