Sunday, September 12, 2010


You know what? It is kind of difficult to get used to the 50mm again, I had issues with the light/exposition yesterday taking photos of the so beautiful Audrey. More photos here.

To reply to Jacilyn, I am using a Canon EOS 40D and 3 Canon lenses: a 50mm/1.4, a 18-135mm and a macro 60mm/2.8 (which happened to be great for portraits too).

My friend and Colors of the Week accomplice, Marie, just started a Flickr photostream: check it out!



Lollipop said...

olala, ces marie près de toi, quand même!

blue china studio happy said...

Thank you so much for letting me know about your camera type and the lenses you use. Your photos are such an inspiration (did I say that before). Just beautiful!

christine said...

hello just beautiful Audrey!

Leslie said...

My daughter is taking a college photojournalism class. She is borrowing her uncle's Olympus E-520, with a 14-42 mm lens, a 40-150 mm, and a 35 mm macro.

None of us is familiar with anything other than point-and-shoot cameras, so she is on her own with the learning process, and it is a fast and steep learning curve!

It makes me respect your photos even more than I already did : )

Francesca said...

You're getting so good at taking portraits!

Marinka said...

I love the first photo its really lovely

Unknown said...

beautiful pictures, beautiful lady!

Louise 21 said...

Merci pour ce moment avec toi*
Entre nos rires et la lumière, et pour la beauté de ces instants que tu as su capturer*